Spiritual Development

SJB’s priority extends far beyond preparing students intellectually. Our mission is to prepare them to be citizens of Heaven.

SJB integrates spiritual lessons within each class and activity throughout the year. Students experience:

  • A religion class for each grade level
  • Mass is held weekly in the beautiful St. John Berchmans Cathedral
  • Students in grades 4-8 lead in Masses as readers, gift bearers, and altar servers
  • Prayer is held during each morning assembly, including Catholic-specific prayers
  • Each day beings and ends with a prayer, as well as a prayer before lunch
  • The celebration of All Saints Day each November with the 2nd graders dressing as saints
  • The Stations of the Cross during Lent
  • The weekly opportunity, if a student chooses, to pray the rosary with a teacher before the morning assembly on Friday.
  • Jesus Feast days where the 8th grade class prepares meals that Jesus would have eaten
  • Donations to the food pantry of St. Vincent de Paul
  • Food donations to the Loyola College Prep FAITH program (Flyers Aiding The Hungry).
  • The observance of Catholic liturgical celebrations such as May Crowning, where one female and male student from each class, selected on the basis of their character, present the statue of Mary with a rose, read the Memorare, and then crown Mary

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