Mrs. Catherine Mackey Celebrates 36 Years in Education

Congratulations to our beloved 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Catherine Mackey on her upcoming retirement. Mrs. Mackey has been an educator for 36 years with 23 of those years at SJB. What a gift Mrs. Mackey has been to our school community!

Please visit our Facebook page to read the beautiful testimonials from current and former SJB parents. See below for a snippet.

“Mrs. Mackey you have been a blessing to the school, the students, parents, faith community, and to all that have had the opportunity to meet/know you. You truly have made the world and the school a better place. Your legacy lives on in all those that had the opportunity to be “yours.” You will be missed in the halls of SJB! Hugs and blessings, I pray you enough! You know we love you!”
-Chimene Griego, SJB Former Parent

“How exciting, Mrs. Mackey! Well-deserved!! We’re so blessed that all three of ours had the chance to be taught, inspired, and loved by you. You taught me some valuable things as a mother that I’ll never forget. God bless you. Happy Retirement!!”
-Lori Tuttle, SJB Former Parent

“I will forever be Thankful to God that our paths met at SJB! You were one of the true blessings we received from our time there! I’m extremely thankful that JoJo was blessed to be in your class at a time when he needed someone who cared for him, loved him, encouraged him and protected him! You will never know how much my family LOVES YOU!! Congrats on your retirement. SJB is losing one of their absolute best EVER!!! A teacher with so much love, wisdom and integrity – that’s WHO you are! Love and many hugs!!”
-Yolanda Dudley, SJB Former Parent

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