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Why are we expecting students to participate in summer reading and math? We chose these requirements because it is crucial to fighting summer learning loss. Summer reading and math are essential tools to reconnect with those skills and better prepare students for the upcoming year. Here you will see an infographic that summarizes what we know about how much information and skills can decline during the extended break. It is very important that you complete the activities for the grade you are entering, as these packets will be a significant driving piece in your new teacher’s instruction and planning. Take your time, and do not try to get it all done at one time. We cannot wait to see you all back in August! Keep up the hard work!

Completed packets are due to teachers August 11, 2023.

Entering PK3 Summer Suggestions

Entering PK4 Summer Math Packet
Entering PK4 Summer Reading Packet

Entering Kindergarten Summer Math Packet
Entering Kindergarten Summer Reading Packet

Entering First Grade Summer Math Packet
Entering First Grade Summer Reading Packet

Entering Second Grade Summer Math Packet
Entering Second Grade Summer Reading Packet

Entering Third Grade Summer Math Packet
Entering Third Grade Summer Reading Packet

Entering Fourth Grade Summer Math Packet
Entering Fourth Grade Summer Reading Packet

Entering Fifth Grade Summer Math Packet
Entering Fifth Grade Reading Packet

Entering Sixth Grade Summer Math Packet
Entering Sixth Grade Summer Reading Packet

Entering Seventh Grade Summer Math (General) Packet
Entering Seventh Grade Summer Math (Pre-Algebra) Packet
Entering Seventh Grade Summer Reading Packet

Entering Eighth Grade Summer Math (Pre-Algebra) Packet
Entering Eighth Grade Summer Math (Algebra) Packet
Entering Eighth Grade Summer Reading Packet 

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