A Day at SJB

A day at SJB Catholic School

“Our true worth does not consist in what human beings think of us. What we really are consists in what God knows us to be.”

At our school, we take these words given to us by our patron saint to heart, in the education of the next generation of saints and scholars. Are you ready to see for yourself what the Cathedral of St John Berchmans Catholic School is all about?

Read on, to walk with us through a day at SJB!

Two boys walk into the multi-room at St. John Berchmans Catholic School, one carrying a soccer ball the other a guitar case, both talking about yesterday’s Science Olympiad practice, tomorrow’s Cross-Country race, and the library’s new book collection as they walk to sit with their class.

They look up and smile as the teacher on duty greets them by name. Around the room, students are settling in: reading, drawing, studying. Another pair comes through the door, this time an eighth-grader holding the hand of a three-year-old as the older student leads the younger one to our multi-room; they sit with the pre-K3’s and spend time together before the school day begins.

Boys and girls continue to trickle in–alone or in groups–and are greeted by teachers and classmates. The bell rings and students stand for morning assembly, ready for our principal, Mr. Woodham, to lead them in the Sign of the Cross and to start the day together in prayer.

Student birthdays and achievements are celebrated, and as the school is released to begin another day Mr. Woodham asks, “What do we always remember?” and students respond, “Kindness is practiced here!” Classes collect their bags, eighth graders prepare to walk to Loyola for their Algebra I class, and the day has started.

Another day in the life of St. John Berchmans Catholic School student has begun.

St. John Berchmans Catholic School is a place where teachers and students know one another by name, a place where students reach out to help their classmates and work together to build a thriving and caring community. SJB is a place where not only the rigorous academics and 1:10 teacher to student ratio draw families to us, but also the invitation to share our family and faith values.

SJB is dedicated to the sacred ministry of providing a quality education anchored in the Roman Catholic faith. Catholic schools have long been known for their preeminence as institutions of learning, and St. John Berchmans is proud to be a part of that tradition of excellence.

Throughout the school, learning is hands-on, personal, and intentional, leading to exceptional outcomes for our students.

However, learning goes beyond the traditional classroom experience. This year, the Student Council sponsored Red Cross CPR training for every eighth-grade student. Our Middle Schoolers attend Humanities 101 bimonthly with professors from LSUS and will obtain a certificate of completion for their work. Our Algebra I students attend class next door at Loyola College Prep, earning a Carnegie (high school) credit and experience on the LCP campus. Our elementary students enjoy a variety of hands-on, STEM, and outdoor learning activities across the seasons.

Our students are encouraged to participate in Science Olympiad, National Junior Honor Society, Choir, Guitar & Ukelele Club, Chess Club, Cross Country Running, Piano Lessons, Crazy Eights Math Club, Yearbook & Journalism, Basketball, Football, Soccer, ArtBreak!, Junior Librarians Association, the Kinder-Garden, and more. SJB encourages students to explore and expand their academic interests while engaging in competition and service learning.

Every morning we begin the day together, anchored in faith and community. From pre-kindergarten through eighth grade, our students learn in a safe environment, in a historic building that has housed our school for over 70 years and is secure twenty-four hours a day. Once a week, the entire student body attends Mass in the beautiful Cathedral of St. John Berchmans right next door, where students pray, sing, read, and serve at the altar, responsible for almost every aspect of the celebration.

This immersion into faith and tradition is a central tenet of our mission, and as our students go forth from our school, they go with the charge to live a life of service, to others and to God.

Experience the SJB community first-hand and schedule a personal tour of our beautiful campus! Reserve your tour here.

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